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Canadim is a Canadian Immigration Law Firm based in Montreal, Quebec, and is widely considered one of the most well-respected immigration law firms in Canada. In business since 2001, Canadim is a full-service law firm that caters to foreign entrepreneurs, investors, international students, and candidates seeking temporary or permanent visas to Canada.

At Canadim, no one is treated like a number. Clients are treated with dignity and respect by while being offered personalized services and one-on-one guidance to each and every case. Canadim takes pride in providing clients with exceptional legal representation, ensuring fair treatment by visa officers, and providing the highest chance to be granted status in Canada.



Sustainability Action Fund 


The Sustainability Action Fund is a student run fee-levy group at Concordia University. The majority of funding goes to support projects to develop sustainable infrastructure, urban agriculture, community-building, and education surrounding environmental and community issues, with the long-term goal of inspiring and developing a culture of sustainability at Concordia University.


Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL)


The Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL) is the highest body in Concordia University dedicated to student life. It is a parity committee made of equal numbers of students and staff and faculty.This council makes funds available specifically to projects that enhance or contribute to the student populations quality of life.

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