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UZURI Gala - A Journey in Colours


The African Students’ Association of Concordia is proud to present to you their event of the year

                                     UZURI GALA - A JOURNEY IN COLOURS 

Established about nine years ago, Uzuri has been a rostrum for African youth to display their talents in various forms of art and fashion. Today, the expectation of this event has been set to higher standards.

Our aim for the UZURI 2019 Edition is not only to provide young Africans with a respectable platform for artistic expression, but to also highlight the eminence of our excelling community. In this endeavour, we are seeking to appeal to Montrealers, both Africans, and non-Africans.

As we showcase the diverse parts of our continent through different forms of entertainment provided by both professionals and passionate amateurs, we hope to expose Montreal to an enriching experience.

Come join us celebrate the beauty of the African continent!

A ticket purchase includes: access to the Pre-Show Cocktail, the Uzuri Gala, and the After-Party

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