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Have you heard about the ASAC Scholarship ?


The African Students’ Association of Concordia would like to announce the opportunity of a lifetime:

The chance to win a 1000 $ ASAC Scholarship !

Requirements to apply? 

  • Be an undergraduate Concordia student currently enrolled 

  • Purchase your ticket for The UZURI Gala 2019 : A Journey in Colours 

  • Choose one of the following four prompts and write an essay of 500 - 1000 words on the subject:

    • Africa is often viewed in a pre-modern context. With this in mind, where do you see Africa in 20 years? What will your role be in it's continuous development?

    • What have been the major challenges faced by africans? Using one example, describe if this issue has been solved, if not, propose a solution.

    • Why is Africa important? Describe where the value and significance lies in the continent.

    • What impact has African culture had beyond the continent? What factors have contributed to this?

  • Fill in the Google Form before April 7th 2019, 11PM.


Applications  are open to any Concordia undergraduate student that attends the Uzuri Gala. 

Good luck and don't forget to buy your UZURI ticket !

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